Meet Our Visionaries: Founders of Roar For Good (RFG Lifestyle Private Limited)

The story of Roar for Good is a journey of passion, commitment, and a shared vision for a sustainable future. It unfolds with two individuals, Rajan Pillai and Rajan Dutta, united by a common purpose — to create a brand that not only roars in the market but also does good for the environment. 

Having seen the detrimental impact of fast fashion, the founders harboured a deep desire to make a positive change and contribute towards the rejuvenation of Mother Earth. United by this keen sense of environment preservation & revitalization, the Founders wanted a brand name that represented their desire to make a positive impact but also echoed strength and purpose - Roar For Good was hence born, with the brand purpose of ensuring ‘Business for Good’ & ensuring we are ‘Fashion with a Cause’

The collective aspiration is for Roar For Good to grow into a Fashion & Lifestyle Solution that crafts environmentally friendly products which harmoniously blend comfort, convenience, smart fashion and style, benefiting the environment, people & all stake holders.

The early days were marked by long meetings, tireless discussions & extensive travel to source eco-friendly materials and forge partnerships, by working out of home & coffee shops, even before the establishment of the Roar For Good Corporate office. Comfort zones were left behind, and the Founders toiled tirelessly, working together, and dividing responsibilities based on their strengths / relationships to drive the combined mission.

Both the Founders, Rajan Dutta & Rajan Pillai come with over 6 decades of collective experience & credible work in setting up and profitably running Fashion & Retail Businesses, Facilitating Organizations in Business & People Excellence, Transformation, Turnaround, Business Restructuring, Performance, and Profitability Enhancement for Sustainable growth.